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  I don't know about you but I've found a lot of the World Wide Web to be a case of presentation over content. It seems that everyone is obsessed with making their site a feast of fancy graphics, images and animations without taking a moment or two to focus on the content of their sites. I have searched for many hours for decent sites that relate to the teaching of Drama and Theatre to 11-18 Year olds and most of what I have found has been either extremely shallow, irrelevant or just plain simplistic. Which is a great shame. We are all aware of the potential of this medium and the necessity of embracing change in order to improve our range of skills and thereby improve the learning experience of our students. As Dramatists we have the opportunity, and dare I say the skills, to take these tools and use them in a creative way which can create artistic meaning for others. We should be leading the way in using technology in our drama and theatre. How many of us would moan about a new lighting rig or the opportunity to experiment with new ideas and concepts in costume, make-up, movement, sound etc? Technology is just another element of drama, an exciting and flexible one at that!

So the aim of this site is to provide a set of resources that will be useful to Drama and English teachers working in schools, both experienced teachers who are on the lookout for new schemes of work and ideas, and those who are just starting in Drama teaching and would appreciate some support. Some of the material is freely available and can be downloaded and used as you wish. Some of the material is available for a reasonable fee ( if your budget is anything like mine then it will need to be reasonable ). There are also pages where I have started a collection of references and resources that have been useful to me over the past few years and I hope that ,over time, as visitors use the site they will be willing to contribute to these areas with items in a similar vein.

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