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At the moment I am experimenting with the programme "Director 7" in order to produce a multimedia role-playing game which we intend to run for Year 12 in July. The project is entitled Santa Grovano Island Simulation.

Schemes of work that can be incorporated into a Lower School Drama Syllabus, as well as a collection of lesson sequences that can be used by English teachers to support textwork and provide speaking and listening assessments.
Schemes of work that can be used for students working with improvisation as their coursework component in a G.C.S.E. exam, as well as lesson ideas for working with texts and ideas for English G.C.S.E. speaking and listening assessments.
I am currently teaching the U.L.E.A.B. Drama Advanced level syllabus but these ideas and schemes of work could also be useful to Theatre Studies students. There is also a list of textbooks that are useful for reference in preparing an Advanced Level course.
A list of playtexts that I have used both in the classroom and for performance as well as a collection of scripts devised by my A' Level students which might be useful for groups seeking inspiration. They can also be used for analysing how a performance might be structured . There are also details of masks and costumes.
I currently work in a Technology College in Sheffield and have the opportunity to experiment with the use of a wide variety of equipment and media both in the classroom and in performance. Save a lot of time and money by reading these comments and add any experiences/hints of your own.
O.K, a little self indulgent but these photos are accompanied by comments and notes which should stimulate discussion about style and form. By all means, feel free to send me your own with accompanying notes, so that we can build an impressive resource of otherwise unseen work.
A description of how I came to be involved in ICT. Worth reading if you'd like to know more about the ethos behind the site.
An opportunity to read a few thoughts and comments about some of the challenges facing us as practitioners and you can e-mail in your own comments to share good practice or offer advice. 
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