Useful Sites.

No I haven't provided a list of live links to these sites, it would take too long and might delay visitors adding their own. Instead I suggest you print this page off and keep it for reference. If you have found a n exciting site then please E-mail it in and I will add it to the list.


Searching The Web

( a site which allows you to practice your search skills )

( both of the above sites are meta search engines, allowing you to cover several search engines at once. Ask Jeeves allows you to ask normal questions and is easier for students to use.)

Theatre History

( a superb site full of images of theatre productions of a vast range of plays. Takes ages to download though.)

( have a look at The Globe Theatre in London, just be patient as it takes a while to load. )

( a useful site giving lots of information about Commedia Del Arte. )

( Information on the masks used in Commedia. )

( a good place to find lots of interesting Commedia sites. )

Teaching Resources

( a list of sites held on a collection of resources for teachers, both Drama and English.)

Theatre Links

( three sites that provide a collection of links to a variety of drama related sites. )


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